Welcome to the QCybernetics

Our team is dedicated to research in the fields of robotics, electronics design and 3D printing.

Our main jobs are based on microcontrollers and embedded systems, and are working on new projects in the Internet of Things (IoT).

You can see all our work, accessing our Youtube channel by clicking the link to the bottom of the page.


Robotics Laboratory

In most current projects in robotics, we need to control motors, and various sensors. We use to control Raspberry Pi boards and MicroControllers.

Electronics Laboratory

Basically all our electronic designs that require microcontrollers use our QDuino circuits with a micro ATmega328P, compatible with Arduino’s platform.

3D Design and Printing

Our main design tool is Google Sketchup, as it very easy to use. Also, this program has a several extensions for conversion at STL format.