Caterpillar Robot Camera

The main point of this project consists to manipulate by remote control a red’s connected robot from a Mobil divise.
The IC that allows this kind of connection is a Raspberry Pi, where we have connected a dongle Wi-Fi.
In order to make this connection possible we have already configured an Apache server that will show us the information on a control interface.
This interface has many buttons for the robot’s control.
Some pynthon’s programed scritps will send a signal to the H bridge, in order to move on those two continuum rotation servos.
The integrated could be feed by the same Raspberry power-source.
In our project, the driver is an ls293D, and it allows us to control the direction of the servos and makes the signal draught bigger.
We put a remote-control video camera, so we could make photos any time we want.
The information will be saved on the SD memory if we want to keep the information for ourselves. Every single piece of this robot has been fabricated by an 3D printer.